Visual Lansa provides an IDE environment in Windows where you can develop applications for many platforms as Windows, iSeries, AS/400, Unix, Linux and wireless devices.

Visual Lansa uses a common base for the rules of applications (repository) and a 4th generation programming language for development of Client and Server programs. The user can easily and quickly develop Internet and Client/Server applications by using only one programming language, regardless of the platform. It is easy to learn and without need to know the technical details of application deployment for every platform.

Visual Lansa offers:

  1. Use of a single development environment to build modern applications without the complexity of the new techniques (Java, XML,...)
  2. Faster application development and maintenance with significantly lower cost.
  3. Simplify integration with other applications - wherever they are - using out-of-the-box middleware.
  4. Easily change and modernize the applications appearance, without the need to change the business logic.
  5. Insure your knowledge of applications development against future technology changes.

Advanced development made simple

Develop and deploy high level Windows and Web applications, with access in DB2/400 and ODBC - compliant databases - utilizing Lansa's object repository technology.

Whoever understands use of fields and files and has basic programming knowle-dge may easily develop Client/Server or Web applications using Lansa. With the object repository technology you centralize the business logic and applications rules and you gain productivity. Using Visual Lansa the programmer has a power environment to design appearance and logic of the application.

Test and deploy to multiple platforms with ease

You can develop an application for a single system such as the iSeries or Windows today, then split and move programs and data (without changing the source code) to various platforms such as iSeries, Windows, UNIX, Linux and Web tomorrow. You may support 32-bit/64-bit iSeries AS400 or even wireless devices with only one source code. You may run tests of your application on a simple, single Windows system and then transfer it to whatever platform you required.

Advanced desktop integration

You may use Microsoft Word as a print engine or Microsoft Excel for representation or further processing of data, as also many other Windows applications that support ActiveX technology.

Visual LANSA Options
bulletAdvanced visual development environment
bullet Component-based OO development
bullet Dynamic multi-tier client and server partitioning
bullet LANSA's fast and scalable middleware
bullet Deployment tool for rapid just-in-time deployment
bullet Microsoft Visio integration via LANSA Visual Modeler
bullet Integrated Adaptive Server Anywhere database for development and testing
bullet Integrated Microsoft C/C++ compiler
bullet Rapid Internet, Intranet and Wireless applications with LANSA for the Web
bullet A2A and B2B integration through XML and Java services with LANSA Integrator

Development Environment

bullet Independent or team
bullet Windows 2000/XP using Adaptive Server Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

Deployment Platforms

bullet Deploy to single- or multi-tier iSeries, AS/400, Windows 2000/XP, HP-UX, AIX, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux
bullet Use Windows 2000/XP clients
DBMS Support
bullet IBM DB2 on iSeries and AS/400 servers
bullet Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle on Windows servers
bullet Oracle on UNIX and Linux servers
bullet Adaptive Server Anywhere on Windows clients

Standard LANSA Features

bullet Comprehensive portable application development language (RDML)
bullet Promptable syntax experts
bullet Programmable templates
bullet Portable distributed Object Repository
bullet Portable DB triggers and business rules
bullet Automatic screen generation
bullet Multilingual and DBCS
bullet Online client and remote server RDML debugger
bullet Internet development
bullet Configuration management

Visual LANSA Framework

bullet Rapidly prototype commercial applications without coding
bulletMS Outlook-style user interface
bullet Framework Code Assistant
bullet Generate Web or Windows applications