LANSA Composer

Code-free Business Process Integration

Every business is under pressure to automate manual processes, better integrate internal systems and securely share data with external parties. But most Business Process Integration (BPI) tools are unsuited for quick and simple solutions to urgent business requirements. LANSA Composer delivers the power of BPI technology in a highly visual environment so designers and business analysts, rather than developers, can rapidly automate and integrate business processes.

What is LANSA Composer?

LANSA Composer is a design and execution platform for integrating business activities involving transport and transformation of data and custom business processing. It satisfies the four key requirements of a business process integration solution:

  1. Transport - moving data between source and target.
  2. Transformation - mapping data between many different formats.
  3. Process Orchestration - sequential and conditional execution of process flow.
  4. Administration - auditing, error-handling, logging, security and system operations.

A simple interface lets you wrap business logic as Activities and combine them with industry standard transformation and transport services in a single business process.

What can LANSA Composer Do?

In a graphical, drag-and-drop environment (without having to write program code), business analysts can do the following:

  1. Exchange business information and transactions in common and agreed formats with trading partners, internal business units and other business applications on the same or different computing platforms.
  2. Transform business information between XML, text and database formats.
  3. Invoke Web services, whether publicly available, published by trading partners or internal to your organization.
  4. Orchestrate transport, transformation and other Activities, pass variable data between them and apply conditional and structural directives to create multi-step business processes that can be executed and managed as a single unit.

Who Should Use It?

LANSA Composer is intended to be used by business analysts to design and implement solutions to integration problems. It is not necessary to write program code to use LANSA Composer for solutions that use LANSA's standard transport and transformation Activities.

The implementation of the transport and transformation tasks and orchestrating them in business processes is all accomplished using highly visual graphical interfaces.

LANSA Composer can also be extended to encompass your custom business processing. You can define custom Activities that encapsulate the processing built by your developers. These custom Activities are orchestrated in the same way as the LANSA-supplied transport, transformation and other Activities.

LANSA Composer lends itself well to an environment in which the building of the custom business processing can be delegated to a services development group, while the combination and orchestration of the Activities is performed by business analysts.

LANSA Composer's Heritage

LANSA is one of the most trusted brands in the global System i community. Most people associate LANSA with our flagship application development tools but not everyone realizes that we also provide stand-alone integration software.

Our LANSA Integrator product is already deployed by hundreds of organizations to process their A2A and B2B transactions and is used by RPG, C, COBOL, Java and LANSA developers.

LANSA Integrator is a developer toolkit that integrates A2A and B2B transactions through XML and over 30 plug-in Java services. It hides the technical aspects of integration and gives the flexibility to integrate transactions with your LANSA, C, RPG and COBOL applications. LANSA Integrator's wizard-based Web service development lets you consume Web services or expose existing LANSA or 3GL code as a Web service.

LANSA Integrator has proven itself in the most strenuous environments and includes services to support virtually every transport mechanism, data format and System i specific service you might encounter. LANSA Composer is built-on this mature product and, by adding new visual tools and a process execution layer, is now usable by programmers and non-programmers alike because it requires no language skills or specialist knowledge.

LANSA Composer delivers the power of Business Process Integration without coding by letting non-programmers make use of LANSA Integrator services in a drag and drop environment. If you can click, you can connect!

Powerful Visual Mapping Tool
bulletTransformation Maps integrate business ?processes with transport and other Activities.
bulletTransform information between external and internal formats as it is received or before it is sent.
bulletExtract information from corporate databases to send as XML to trading partners.
bulletTransform incoming XML documents and write directly to your database for processing by existing applications, and much more.

Simple but Powerful Process Orchestration Capability

bulletDefine Processing Sequences visually using the Processing Sequence Editor - without coding.
bulletProcessing Sequences combine Activities and Transformation Maps with processing directives such as loops and conditions.
bulletA complete multi-step business process can be defined, executed and managed as a single processing unit of work, without programming.

Ready-to-use Activities

bullet Deploy to single- or multi-tier iSeries, AS/400, Windows 2000/XP, HP-UX, AIX, Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux
bullet Use Windows 2000/XP clients
bullet FTP and HTTP transport.
bullet POP3 for inbound and SMTP for outbound e-mail.
bullet Inbound and outbound transactions via message brokering systems such as IBM MQ Series.
bullet File management.
bulletVariable manipulation.
bulletProcessing and transformation.
Configurations and Trading Partner Definitions
bulletConfigurations encapsulate the variable ?information required for common transport Activities and for database connections.
bullet Define source and target identification and addressing as well as security credentials.
bulletVariable transport and database Configurations and Trading Partner definitions give maximum flexibility.

Extensible and Customizable

bullet Activities, along with Transformation Maps, implement specific business functions that are executed by Processing Sequences.
bulletUse immediately with LANSA's supplied Activities to exchange business information such as orders and invoices with other parties, including external trading partners and internal business units, using standard protocols.
bulletA simple interface is provided to enable you to "wrap" your specific business logic as custom Activities.
bulletMap data between disparate formats including: XML documents, Excel (OO XML files), text files, Web service functions and a wide range of databases, including IBM DB2 Universal Database for System i.
bulletConfigurations define the information needed to connect or communicate with other parties.

Administration and Operations

bulletBrowser-based console to monitor processing sequence logs and execution for errors and operator intervention.