Lansa Integrator offers the ability of transactions between A2A (Application to application) and 2 (Business to business) by using XML and Java Services. With Lansa Integrator you may have transactions between your company and your commercial partners, regardless of platform, by using bi-directional XML and other data formats. Lansa Integrator can also communicate by using Java Services with Lansa applications, C, RPG and Cobol.

What can Lansa Integrator do?

bullet Automate orders between manufacturer and distributor by dynamically linking ERP systems.
bullet Exchange information between ATM's and banking systems..
bullet Integrate a Java-based credit card application with an order entry system.
bullet Sending and receiving XML transactions between suppliers and distributors.
bullet Exchange data between wireless devices and Server.
bullet Publish or utilize 3rd-party Web services via SOAP.
bullet Provide SOAP interfaces to your existing business function.
bullet Integrate heterogeneous CRM and back-office systems via XML over MQSeries.
bullet Provides secure PDF documents via e-mail for contracts agreements (digital certificates and password protected).
bullet SMS updates on the status of order or delivery transactions in real-time.
bullet And many more practical applications...

A flexible solution

Some of your partners may use XML or EDI for data exchange, others may use more basic format as Excel Spreadsheets or Flat files. Lansa Integrator is a flexible solution that allows you to use many communication formats from XML schemas to spreadsheets.

How Lansa Integrator works

Dynamic Transactions

You may send data directly from your customers or suppliers via XML or other file formats. Lansa Integrator accepts the transmitted data, validates it, sends a response back and then creates the transaction into your back-end application.

SOAP wizard

SOAP wizard is an application that allows the use of Web services from the JSM. Lansa Integrator Agent and Server SOAP services let you call or offer Web services easily.

Integrating with Java

For third-party or user-defined Java classes, the Java Service Manager takes any complex task or protocol and simplifies it into a series of commands. The LANSA or 3GL developer who wants to utilize these classes only needs to understand how to use the commands offered by the Java Service Manager - they do not need to be experts in Java.

Visual XML wizard

The Visual XML Wizard allows you to visually map the attributes of XML Schemas or XML documents to LANSA fields and lists. The Wizard then automatically creates stylesheets that can be used to transform inbound XML to LANSA fields and lists or to transform LANSA fields and lists to outbound XML.

User agent

User agent automates B2B transactions with simple formats such as spreadsheets and text files or XML files. Enter data via Windows Clients and send the validated files to Remote Hosts.

Remote Function Invocation

Remote Function Invocation (RFI) is middleware that makes remote integration as easy as coding to a local object. Windows developers write to local objects that automatically reflect changes to remote host objects with all network communications automated.

RFI is much faster than JDBC - network traffic is minimized and it is easier to code. Instead of a proprietary interface, RFI allows the developer to define any object and have it reflected remotely.


Business Process Management

bullet Easily integrate Java services with LANSA and 3GL on iSeries, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux
bullet Shipped Java services for A2A and B2B integration including data transformation
bullet Easily integrate additional custom services
bullet XML and EDI document parsing, generation, transformation and support for compiled style sheets (XSLT/translets)
bullet Real-time data integration and batch data exchange capabilities
bullet LANSA Repository for metadata management
bullet LANSA HLL for productive process logic definition
bullet Event recognition and trigger capabilities
bullet Visual XML Wizard maps XML schemas and XML documents to LANSA and 3GL data
bullet User Agent Java client uploads files to remote host using FTP, HTTP or MQSeries

LANSA Integrator Architecture

bullet Java Service Manager (JSM) provides an interface for calling Java services
bullet Consistent OO deployment for all services
bullet Fast and scalable multi-threading in single JVM
bullet Property editor
bullet Secure HTTPS, FTPS and other open standards
bullet Extensive tracing for debug and audit

iSeries and AS/400 Specific Services

bullet Native services support data queue, message queue and user space communication
bullet Read/write documents stored locally on IFS

Data Format Services

bullet File formats include CSV, XLS, TSV and TXT
bullet Supports ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT EDI file formats and SEF (Standard Exchange Format) Editor
bullet Embedded XML parser with XML editor
bullet Automatically generates XSL style sheets for transformation
bullet LANSA working list services

Transport Services

bullet Supported transport layers include MQSeries, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, FTP and FTPS
bullet JSM Direct HTTP service extension for inbound and outbound Web services, SOAP and user-defined B2B transactions
bullet Supports EDI-INT (AS2 certified), AS3 and EDI
bullet Supports secure SMTP email

Remote Application Services

bullet Remote Function Invocation (RFI) middleware for Java developers
bullet SQLService to access remote SQL databases

Other Services

bullet PDF services to create text and graphical PDF documents
bullet SMS Service to send SMS messages via SMTP or HTTP
bullet ZIP Service to create and extract archive files and directories