With Lansa for the Web you may easily create internet, intranet and wireless applications with safe data access and data update. With Lansa e-business Framework you may easily change the look of your web pages, without the need of reprogramming.

How does Lansa for the Web work

With the Lansa High Level Language (HLL), HTML or XHTML web pages are created in the Lansa repository ,which can be changed or enriched later by using other Web authoring tools. In these web pages graphic images, drop down combo boxes, radio buttons, check boxes and tables may be included. You may also use LANSA WYSIWYG form painter in order to modify the graphical components of your Web application.

Lansa for the Web also includes the WAM (Web Application Modules) capability. WAM uses a technology that separates business logic from the user interface by means of a layer called TSP (Technology Service Provider). This protects applications built upon WAM's from changes in the user interface layer.

Lansa for the Web manages the complexity of Web applications: Transaction Manager (state, connection, time-outs, commitment control, security), business rule validation, data conversion and integration with different Web Servers and existing applications.


User Interface Options

bullet HTML and ECMA Javascript
bullet XHTML
bullet Web services
bullet Java Applet integration

Rapid Development

bullet Centrally define secure business rules
bullet Productively define logic in LANSA's award-winning HLL and Object Repository
bullet Separate business logic from the user interface using Web Application Modules
bullet WYSIWYG form painter for simplified layout design, DHTML menus and CSS support
bullet Back-key and forward-key enablement

Integrated Transaction Manager

bullet Connections
bullet Timeouts
bullet Commit control
bullet Security

Web Server Communications Options

bullet CGI
bullet Java Servlets
bullet Microsoft IIS Plug-in

Deployment Platforms

bullet Single, multiple and mixed tiers
bullet Web server tier: iSeries, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux
bullet Data server tier: iSeries, AS/400, Windows, UNIX and Linux

Supported Web Servers

bullet IBM HTTP server
bullet Microsoft IIS
bullet Apache

Supported Server Integration

bullet IBM WebSphere Application Server
bullet Java Servlet integration

LANSA for the Web Edge Server

bullet Facilitates the communications between an HTTP server running in front of a firewall to LANSA On Demand solutions running behind a firewall.
bullet Operating Systems supported: OS/400, Microsoft Windows, Linux on iSeries or Intel.