Lansa for iSeries and AS400 is an easy to use and to learn product for software development. You may easily enrich your existing applications and rapidly design and create new systems. The development time, using the 4th generation Lansa programming language, is much faster than RPG.

Rapidly build efficient applications

Packaged solutions rarely satisfy all needs. The cost of customizing in RPG or Cobol, often exceed the cost of the initial purchase. With Lansa you may easily extend existing packages or create new complete systems.

Whoever understands the use of fields and files and has basic knowledge of programming may easily develop applications by using Lansa. With object repository technology, you centralize the business logic and the applications rules and you become productive immediately.

Easily Maintain your applications

Lansa Object repository is the key to rapid response to user change requests.

By centralizing the business logic in the object repository, programs inherit data validations, calculations, date conversions, error messages, commitment control and referential integrity of the database without the need to be encoded in each program. Thereby these changes are made only in one place.

The code you need to write will be less, as Lansa automatically creates the screens and printouts and encourages you to centralize the business logic and the rules of your applications in the object repository.

Easily design new applications

You may use the Lansa Data Modeler in order to create the data base from a logical model.

Lansa supplies programmable templates for many standards programs of commercial applications. Using templates you answer a serious of questions and quality programs, screens and reports are automatically generated. You may easily create your own templates to implement your development standards.

The enrichment of the standard programs that are created from the templates, may easily be done by using the 4th generation programming language of Lansa RDML(Rapid Development and Maintenance Language).

iSeries and AS/400 Development Environment
bulletHost-based iSeries applications
bulletExtensions to existing iSeries applications
bulletPortable stored procedures
bulletLANSA Repository triggers
bulletRapid Internet, Intranet and Wireless applications with LANSA for the Web
bulletA2A and B2B integration through XML and Java services with LANSA Integrator
bulletNative Domino integration

Supports Active Object Repository

bulletDomain integrity and referential integrity
bulletError messages
bulletHelp messages
bulletDefault values
bulletField description and heading
bulletDate formatting
bulletExtended DB2 UDB event triggers
bulletPre-defined joins
bulletVirtual fields
bulletMultilingual, DBCS and RLTB
Rapid User Object Method (RUOM)
bulletObject-Oriented extensions to Chen E/R
bulletPrototype complete systems
bulletLogical data modeler using Chen E/R


bulletComprehensive portable development language (RDML)
bulletPromptable syntax experts
bulletProgrammable templates
bulletAction diagram editor
bulletAutomatic screen and report generation
bulletScreen painter
bulletReport painter
bulletIBM CUA screen standard
bulletCompile to native RPG performance
bulletOnline client and remote server RDML debug
bulletChange control and team development
bulletAutomatic generation of documentation
bulletImpact analysis
bulletCall RPG and other 3GL programs
bulletCall ILE service programs