Speed in Client/Server applications

Lansa Open is a middleware that helps you to exchange information and data between PC-based client applications and Server (LANSA) in different platforms such as iSeries, AS/400, Windows NT/2000, UNIX and Linux.

You can accelerate your competitive advantage with LANSA Open. On the server, use LANSA's Object Repository to centrally store business rules, data validations, error messages, referential integrity, database triggers and derived fields. LANSA's portable application development language can create powerful portable server-based stored procedures.

With the pace of technical changes force the enterprises in order to be more competitive to use new tools and new ways of modernization. Lansa Open is the tool that gives you the advantage to become more competitive.

By centralizing the basic logic and applications rules in the object repository you become productive immediately. You keep control of the business logic on the Server and need less code on the Client. All programs inherit data validations, calculations, date conversions, error messages, commitment control and referential integrity of the database without the need to be encoded in each program and with Lansa Open the access to the Server is very fast.

Windows and iSeries

Until now the biggest requirement for successful integration of a Client application with iSeries and AS/400 was to achieve fast Client to Server data transfer times.

The programmers have to deal with a difficult choice. The high productivity of many Client tools, needs ODBC/JDBC drivers. But these drivers do not distribute the speed of RPG programs.

Lansa Open provides very fast performance which competes with the speed of RPG applications. Speeds up the development with it's very productive tools. The programmer is focused on the business needs and leaves the Client/Server complexity to Lansa.

The power and security of Lansa Server technology

Having as advantage the business logic definition on the server, using Lansa Open you avoid the intended or not corruption of the database by the programmer. Changes to the database or integrity rules do not affect the stability of the Client applications. By defining validations on the Server you reduce the code in your application and make its maintenance easier.

The architecture of Lansa minimizes the data transfer to the network and improving scalability. LANSA Open makes it easy to create portable triggers and stored procedures on your server. Client applications request a result set only. The server performs complex application and database processing.

LANSA Open Options
bulletLANSA's fast and scalable middleware
bulletDynamic multi-tier client and server partitioning
bulletFast native iSeries and AS/400 data access
bulletCall 3GL or LANSA stored procedures

Choose any PC Tool that can Call a DLL

bulletMicrosoft Access
bulletLotus Notes/Domino
bulletVisual Basic

Portable LANSA Stored Procedures, Triggers and Batch Programs

Portable LANSA Repository
bulletDomain integrity (data validations)
bulletReferential integrity
bulletError messages
bulletHelp messages
bulletDefault values
bulletField description and heading
bulletPortable stored procedures and event triggers
bulletPre-defined joins
bulletDate formatting
bulletVirtual fields
bulletMultilingual and DBCS

Clients Supported

bulletWindows 2000/XP
bulletCall from Windows clients or Windows server

Communications Protocols