Query, Reporting and Charting

Lansa Client gives end users GUI access to enterprise data on Windows, iSeries, AS/400, UNIX and Linux servers. Report, chart and query from a single tool with unparalleled ease-of-use.

Copy data to popular spreadsheets or other PC tools for analysis. The users are also able to create their own reports. Furthermore, you can even publish reports to Internet Web sites.

Easy to Use

You can create an icon (shortcut) on the desktop of the PC which will include the reports and the charts. Users simply click and select today's requirements and their report is done. It can be printed, sent via e-mail or copied and pasted to Microsoft Office products.

The skilled users, can create their own queries by drag and drop easily. They do not need to know SQL in order to define the queries and filter the data.

Lansa Client integrates with Crystal Reports, the world's most popular Windows report writer with over two million copies shipped. More than 100 pre-defined style reports are included, such as accounting, sales, warehousing, manufacturing and many more.

Lansa Client helps you to avoid copying of files and definitions in the network as the descriptions of files and fields are central defined in Lansa Object repository with simple definitions familiar to the user. Also the relations of the database tables are defined in the Lansa repository and the skilled user can retrieve the data that he needs from the Server.

Server Platforms
bulletWindows NT/2000 Server, iSeries, AS/400,UNIX and Linux


bulletBusiness names for fields and files
bulletAuto-navigate multiple files
bulletEasy drill-down to related files
bulletDynamic grouping and summary
bulletMultiple filter conditions can be joined by boolean operators
bulletPrompt for variable inputs

Rapid Application Development

bulletPoint-and-click creation of iconized application
bulletPackage multiple, promptable queries into a single application
bulletCustomized menu bar
bulletCentralized help text


bulletMultiple section reports
bulletForm-style reports
bulletConditional reports
bulletMail merge documents
bulletEnhanced cross-tab reports
bulletForm letters
bulletMailing labels
bulletTop N reports
bulletDrill down summary reports
bulletOver 15 report experts (wizards)
bulletOver 100 pre-defined reports
bulletDistribute reports on LAN, Intranet, Internet and email
bulletIntegrate data from PC databases
bulletSave data to standard file formats including dBase, Excel and tab/comma delimited ASCII
bulletExtensive data calculations
bulletSimple arithmetic
bulletComplex financial
bulletComplex statistical
bulletComplex scientific
bulletData Manipulation
bulletRanking on group totals
bulletFormula language with over 160 functions
bulletMulti-pass reporting, unlimited sorting, custom grouping
bulletIncludes graphs in reports
bulletOver 80 styles plus customization
bulletActiveX (OLE) container with in-place editing
bulletCombine text, fields, images and more inflexible editable objects