Visual Lansa
Visual Lansa provides an IDE environment in Windows where you can develop applications for many platforms as Windows, iSeries, AS/400, Unix, Linux and wireless devices....
Lansa Composer
LANSA Composer is a Business Process Integration (BPI) tool that gives business analysts a top-down view of end-to-end business processes. LANSA Composer provides connectivity between different systems in the same way as LANSA Integrator, but differs by including a graphical mapping tool and a process orchestration engine.
Lansa Integrator
Lansa Integrator offers the ability of transactions between A2A (Application to application) and 2 (Business to business) by using XML and Java Services. With Lansa Integrator you may have transactions between your company and your commercial partners, regardless of platform, by using bi-directional XML and other data formats....
Lansa Ramp
RAMP is a complete process for rapidly modernizing legacy software systems, by providing an application development framework that combines functionality from green screen applications with new visual components in a rich graphical user interface, RAMP addresses your immediate tactical needs and sets you on a path of evolution without limits.
Lansa for the Web
With Lansa for the Web you may easily create internet, intranet and wireless applications with safe data access and data update. With Lansa e-business Framework you may easily change the look of your web pages, without the need of reprogramming....
Lansa for iSeries
Lansa for iSeries and AS400 is an easy to use and to learn product for software development. You may easily enrich your existing applications and rapidly design and create new systems. The development time, using the 4th generation Lansa programming language, is much faster than RPG....
Lansa Open
Lansa Open is a middleware that helps you to exchange information and data between PC-based client applications and Server (LANSA) in different platforms such as iSeries, AS/400, Windows NT/2000, UNIX and Linux....
Lansa Open for .Net
Lansa Open for .NET allows Microsoft .NET Framework developers easy access to data and information on remote Servers via the LANSA Repository.
Lansa Client
Lansa Client gives end users GUI access to enterprise data on Windows, iSeries, AS/400, UNIX and Linux servers. Report, chart and query from a single tool with unparalleled ease-of-use....
Automatically transform your green-screen 5250 applications into modern Web browser-based applications that can be securely accessed over the Internet.
LongRange for LANSA, RPG/COBOL
Build Native Mobile Apps with LANSA RPG, COBOL or CL with DDS.