Client/Server, Web and wireless software development by using tools of current technology (Lansa), in Windows, iSeries, AS/400 and Web platforms.

Developing software according to customer needs.

Quality and Technology

bulletHigh skilled technical personnel
bulletUse of current technology tools (Case Tools, Visual Tools, 4th generation programming languages, etc)
bulletWe are specialized in writing software for iSeries and Windows platforms, included systems for Warehouse and Inventory Management, Supermarkets, Cash and Commercial Management, Accounting, Car leasing, etc
bulletOur experts have over 15 years of experience and knowledge in software development for the systems IBM iSeries, AS/400 and Windows XP/2000.


bullet The software development is done by using tools of current technology based on the customer's needs
bullet Multi-platform application development
bullet Integration of the applications with existing systems
bullet Customer support after the installation of the software
bullet Users training